Organisational structure

HPA's Chief Executive is Clive Nelson.

The organisation is structured into four groups:

The Operations group’s role is to set strategies for HPA programmes, develop strong partnerships with key stakeholders to deliver high quality initiatives and support communities to develop local solutions to local problems. 

Policy, Research and Advice 
The Policy, Research and Advice group’s role is to provide policy advice to inform the development of public health policy, health promotion and harm reduction across a wide range of health issues, provide recommendations on alcohol-related public policy and to advise on best health promotion practice.

Through its research programme, HPA provides in-depth understanding of the population groups that its health promotion initiatives are trying to reach and influence, and advice on strategies that are most effective. 

Communications and Capacity
The Communications and Capacity group’s role is to enhance HPA’s performance and reputation by ensuring high quality strategic marketing and communications advice and services, developing organisation-wide approaches across key settings and population areas, and managing new national health promotion initiatives.

Corporate Services 
The Corporate Services group’s role is to enhance HPA's performance by providing effective and efficient support to the organisation in the area of ICT, information and records management, human resources, finance, and facilities management.