Research Investment for Priorities in Alcohol (RSC0203/16-17/05)

The Health Promotion Agency’s (HPA) alcohol programme has a specific statutory function to undertake, or work with others, to research alcohol use and public attitudes to alcohol in New Zealand and problems associated with or consequent on, alcohol misuse. As part of delivering this function, HPA invests in a periodic research programme called Research Investment for Priorities in Alcohol (RIPA). HPA funds a number of projects under each RIPA investment round that provide good quality information on alcohol-related issues to inform both HPA’s alcohol-related work programme and the wider sector. This research may have programme, policy, or further research implications.

HPA is now inviting Respondents to submit detailed research proposals for the 2016/17 alcohol RIPA investment round that address one of the two following themes: ‘Drinking cultures’; and ‘Using information to reach and help change the behaviour of risky drinkers’.

HPA is interested in improving understanding of various aspects of these themes, and exploring how this understanding may contribute towards reducing harmful drinking behaviour.

HPA is seeking to invest in two or more research projects as part of this RFP.

The RFP closes at 12 noon on Friday 24 February 2017 and we anticipate that the contract will commence by the end of April 2017 at the latest.

Further information can be found at reference {18203588}